Reasons to Buy an International Villa

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  • 05/31/21

Why vacation in a resort or hotel when you can purchase your own private luxury international villa? Enjoy your own personal abode overseas in an extravagant location with top-notch amenities and features. Diversify your portfolio, plan for retirement, vacation in luxury, and more with your personal villa.

It’s a great investment

Whether you're buying an international luxury villa for personal use, to rent as a property manager, or a combination of the two, it's all but guaranteed that you'll receive a huge return on your investment. Luxury property is limited, particularly international property. Small supply and high demand mean you will likely have a lucrative potential for income. Since wealth is on the rise, you can anticipate the value of these international properties will continue to increase and appreciate over time—  as well as diversify your real estate portfolio. 

If you eventually decide to sell your property, you'll discover a large pool of seasoned foreign investors interested in buying real estate properties across the globe. Genuine luxury properties can rake in the offers, especially unique properties with rare features. Unlike other, more traditional timeshares or travel accommodations, luxury property is premium in nature, all but guaranteeing significant cash returns.

Developed countries don't typically give you huge profits for your real estate investments because of the cyclical nature of the markets. Buying a condo in New York will probably take longer to offload if you happen to try and sell when things are on a downturn, and you have to wait for the market to rebound. 

However, most people who purchase in countries like Cambodia or Costa Rica make a higher percentage of rental yields because the value appreciates annually. These markets are still emerging and growing, which is why the rates are more investor-friendly versus those in established markets. 

You’ll get tax advantages & asset protection

Buying an international villa is an intuitive way of protecting your assets because owning property outside of your country of citizenship protects you from issues that may arise at home, such as the 2008 recession. Even if the property you own in the United States took a steep nosedive, properties you own in other countries would remain stable. Asset protection goes hand-in-hand with investment diversification. It's best not to put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. 

However, one of the most significant advantages of owning international real estate is the tax strategies and assistance the opportunity creates. We all know that it's difficult to get your tax burden decreased due to our strict tax laws, but when you own a property abroad, you suddenly have different tax strategies you can use to lessen the amount you owe the IRS overall. If your foreign residence is used as your primary place of residence, then you won't have to pay capital gains. The law states that you must live in the international property for two of the five years before selling. The best way to take advantage of this is to purchase property in a county with similar property tax guidelines to the United States. 

Other tax benefits include using the 1031 exchange to swap one property for another like-kind property to capitalize on capital gains tax deferral. If you plan to use your international villa as a potential retirement home, you may be able to write off mortgage interest for more than $1 million in debt.

It’s the perfect getaway

If you have the means to afford a second home, why not take advantage of it and purchase an international property? The idea of buying real estate overseas might sound daunting, but for many, it's actually a less expensive option than purchasing a home in the states. You may spend significantly less money purchasing a luxury villa in Peninsula Papagayo or Costa Rica than you would on a beach house in the Hamptons. 

Buying abroad is often what allows investors to purchase a second home, to begin with — they're diversifying their portfolio and expanding their options by looking outside of the United States' bubble. Not only does buying an international villa make sense financially, but it's an opportunity for cultural enrichment. Vacationing in a space you're unfamiliar with is a chance to learn the customs, language, and traditions. Once you've started visiting your international villa consistently, you might even start feeling like a local! 

It’s also a chance to achieve currency diversity, and it’s not a bad idea to divide your financials among other countries, so you’re not wholly dependent on the U.S. dollar.

Also, owning an international property is conducive to healthy living. Life is short—why not invest in property that helps you feel relaxed and refreshed whenever you want to make a quick getaway? Instead of having to undertake extensive planning every time you want to go on vacation, you already have a guaranteed spot to visit at a moment’s notice. All you’ll need to do is book a flight, and you’ll be abroad in a tropical paradise, living in the lap of luxury. 

Take a random weekend off when your daily life gets too stressful and return to feeling serene and reenergized. Holiday homes can also be a great way to try new outdoor recreational activities and explore new terrain with outdoor excursions. 
Adventure seekers who invest in Wilder Collection villas have a built-in home base before they go out exploring the untouched wilderness of Peninsula Papagayo or beautiful Costa Rica. From surfing in some of the world’s most beautiful locations to embarking on a jungle expedition, the options are virtually limitless. 

Peninsula Papagayo gives you a one-of-a-kind experience for ocean adventures like snorkeling at Monkey Head rock or paddle-boarding across the tranquil turquoise waters. On land, you can hike through the dense forests brimming with exotic wildlife or along the coastal bluffs. Learn more about traditional Costa Rican culture with food, dance, drink, and folklore. Every time you return to the villa, you’ll find new and exciting opportunities to explore.

You can retire in style

When you're ready to retire, you want to do so in style and luxury. The best way to do that is to plan well in advance and then reap the rewards when you're ready to slow down, and investing in international property is a fantastic way to do that. 

Depending on where you decide to purchase a villa, you may even benefit from a lower cost of living later in your life. Even if something changes down the line and you decide to retire somewhere else or move from one location to another, luxury property is always in demand, and you can sell your property for top dollar.

It’s luxury, privacy, and paradise all in one

Let's be honest, one of the most frustrating elements of vacationing in a tourist-heavy location is that you may encounter numerous strangers while going on an excursion. It's not really relaxing to go to an overcrowded beach or overhear conversations through thin hotel room walls. 

The benefit of owning an international villa is that you're not staying in a communal resort where you have to share common spaces with other guests. Instead, you get your own private, remote residence offering the utmost exclusivity. The Wilder Collection's Wild Indigo villa is particularly popular with travelers because of its remoteness. 

You don't have to see anyone else if you don't want to because the villa leads directly to the beach, and many services are offered in-house. Most villas give you the five-star amenities you expect from a resort with the added benefit of serving it to you within your house, so you won't have to lift a finger. Luxury villas are a prestigious symbol of status, and as the property owner, you get to control everything from the appearance to the utilities.

Villas are known for having high security since they’re often constructed in gated environments with guest safety in mind. Similar to luxury apartments, villas feature state-of-the-art security and safety features. So, not only will you have a spacious place to invite your friends and family for get-togethers, you can rest easy knowing that your safety is a number one priority alongside your privacy. 

Looking for international investments?

If you’re looking for the ultimate coastal retreat or want to purchase a stunning Italian villa for sale or Peninsula Papagayo luxury properties, contact us today. 


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